[learn_more caption=”What is a Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge?”]

The Bikram Yoga Challenge is simply 30 classes completed in 30 days (or 60 classes in 60 days for a 60 Day Challenge).  The classes can be done on a daily basis (ideal) or if you miss a day, you can double up another day.  The Challenge of a daily practice is a tool for you to re-set your mind, improve your body and change your life.


The benefits of performing a Challenge are substantial.  Firstly, it is a challenge; a great way for you to push past your perceived limitations, step out of your comfort zone and see what you can achieve.  The Challenge can also be a tool to refine your yoga practice, you might finally achieve that pose that has been eluding you or you may find more stillness in your practice.

During the Challenge you may notice changes in your body; you can lose weight, you will become stronger, you will have better sleep patterns, or perhaps you will begin eating healthier.  You can more easily identify physical issues, or if old injuries surface you have the opportunity to finally heal those areas.

In general, Challengers report extra energy, better sleep, weight loss and increased flexibility. As Bikram explains, “Give me 60 days and I’ll change your life.”

How do I sign up?

When you decide that you want to improve your life by accepting this Challenge, sign up with us at the studio or in our online store and mark your name on the Challenge Board at the Studio.  Our teachers, staff and other students will encourage you the entire way.

Bonus: When you complete your Challenge, you are eligible to receive 20% off on any regular class package, 20% off on retail in our boutique, or you can enroll in the monthly auto-debit program with no set-up fee.


[learn_more caption=”Tips for a Successful Bikram Yoga Challenge”]

Be sure to HYDRATE!

Drink plenty of water during the day, before and after your class.  If you are drinking enough water out of class, you may not even need any during your Bikram yoga class.

Start healthy:

Make sure you are in reasonably healthy condition before you undertake a 30/60 day challenge.  If you have any serious health concerns please see you doctor.  However, you can also give the challenge a go and see how you feel – you may be stronger than you think and might just surprise yourself.

Pace yourself:

This is probably the most important piece of advice.  Take each day as it comes without any expectations.  Some days you will fly though a class, other days it will feel like you’re pushing a boulder up hill – this is all part of the process.

Vary your position in the room:

We all get attached to our own favorite spot in the room.  If you like the front row, challenge yourself, but putting yourself at the back.  If you’ve never been in the front row, give it a try and see how it feels.

Know your body:

If you are feeling exhausted from your day, don’t push yourself too hard.  Have a relaxed class where you position yourself in the back row.

Eat healthy, eat strong:

As you progress into your challenge you will gain greater min/body awareness to the point where you’ll become extremely aware of what foods will help you get through the 30 days. Foods that won’t help you are such items as white sugars, excessive wheat-based foods and too much dairy. Foods that will help you are fresh vegetables and fruit, complex carbohydrates like whole grains. Since you are building new muscle tone, you may find that you need extra amounts of protein.


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