Private lessons provide the perfect setting to address all your needs and goals to take your practice to the next level!! You can deepen your your practice, gain confidence,learn the correct alignment needed to safely help you deepen your practice.

Who can benefit from a Private lesson?

New students: If You are intimidated to come to a public class environment, a Private class will allow you the opportunity to get the appropriate instruction on alignment and form to safely get your through your public class!

Experienced Students: Sometimes experienced students get complacent when doing the same postures over a period of time,and begin to pick up bad habits. In a private class,we will provide for you a deeper insight into specific postures that may be causing you  problems, going back to the foundation and building the posture with correct form.

Therapeutic Private class:If you are working with an injury or facing a health condition Marina can help you with modifications to allow you to safely do the posture promote healing. Adapting the postures around your health concern or injury, with out sacrificing the healing benefits of the Asanas!

* at , click  Class Schedule/private sessions to book your private!

**male students please contact before purchasing