Your  outer hip muscles are balled up, clenched all the time from driving or what have you, her inner thigh and pelvic floor muscles are on constant slack as a result. To balance on one leg,you will squeeze the be Jesus out of that outer hip, because those are the same tools you have always relied on to lift the free leg into the pose and “get the job done.” On your way to looking skinnier, your left arch collapses, the knee buckles, making the pelvis uneven, your spine compensates with a curve and pretty soon, you wonders why you have sciatica (piriformis pinching sciatic nerve), scoliosis (spinal curve) and incontinence (slack pelvic floor)

I know a lot of yoga seems contradictory, who does one believe? I always find “the truth” by looking back at my original design, that gorgeous architecture of the human skeleton. For most, the skeleton’s design is perfect before life beats it up! Infants’ skeletons are supple, symmetrical and have a complete range of motion.

If you feel pain, discomfort or feel drained in a particular position, inquire whether you’re moving in harmony with the body’s mechanics, or in opposition to the body’s brilliant design”The form is simple,” “yet it’s so rich that it contains just about all the actions ever involved in any pose. It especially teaches grounding and proper actions in the legs

DEVELOPING proper alignment in your yoga practice can make the difference between eliminating chronic back pain, and regaining a spring in your step.

IGNORING alignment either from the beginning or allowing your yoga practice fundamentals to erode through haste or lethargy is tantamount to purchasing a brand new car removing one lug nut from each of the tires and wondering why the car doesn’t run right.

I recommend strongly that and individual who experiences on going pain during their class to schedule a private class

Watch that you aren’t HYPER extending their joints with out pain, It will catch up to you one day if you are.

A Gumby body will mistakenly believe they can never over stretch their knees…but that is completely wrong you can completely overstretch the back of your knees. STOP the hyper extension. and notice  IMMEDITALY WHEN YOU abandon your core

we all have a story that manifests through our bodies – honour your story… see you in the hot room…