January’s: Thavma Yoga LWR Student feature of the month: Tyra Boyd

Tell us about yourself: 

1. I’m an amateur triathlete balancing work and school.

Have you ever done Yoga prior to coming to Thavma Yoga Lakewood ranch?
2. Thavma  Yoga has been my first yoga experience.

What made you decide to take your first yoga class at Thavma Yoga??
3/4. A co worker, who has been going to Thavma Yoga for a while convinced me to drop in a class to help recovery after one of my Ironman races. I started a 2 week membership not sure if I would be able to fit yoga into a full Ironman training routine. Since I was off on with running dealing with an injury it was very easy to fit in and supplement training with yoga classes.

What was your first Yoga experience at Thavma Premium Hot Yoga like?
5. HOT HOT and HOT. In my first few classes it was a struggle to do some exercises with the heat. My usual training has mainly been done indoors, early morning or near sunset to avoid any of the Florida humidity outside.

What made you come back??
6. I decided to start a membership because I knew in the two week trial how much it would help me during my Ironman journey and day to day life.

How long have you been practicing?
7. I’ve been practicing now for about 8 months.

Where have you seen yoga helps you in your life?
8/9.  Some changes I’ve seen since starting myThavma yoga experience has been learning to be more grounded during exercises. My mind muscle body connection has improved. Instead of being stuck in “aero position” (hunched shoulders because of the stress with training), yoga has forced me to open up my chest more and relax.

Whats your favorite pose?
10. My favorite pose would have to be down dog.

What is your least favorite pose??
11. My least favorite pose would have to be Standing open hip “Thavma Cartwheel ” balance pose : its something you do standing on one foot and you turn to the side and look underneath your arm to the mirror as you open your hip and chest.

What do you love about Thavma Yoga Lakewood Ranch?
12. I love the community around Thavma yoga. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years. It’s a safe place for anyone to enjoy a workout at their own pace.
Tell us anything else interesting that you feel you have gained or learned since starting yoga with us?
13. Since coming to thavma yoga I don’t think I’ve ever been more flexible in my life.