I am back from my “Workaction” in Jamaica, (more on that in the weeks to come  😉 )  While away, although difficult to do, I aloud myself 6 days with out working out or doing yoga.  I still did it all the while:

Knowing when I returned my postures and endurance wouldn’t  be where they where when I left.

Knowing that I may stumble and fall while doing standing bow pulling pose, if i tried going to my usual edge (as I did) and be ok with that.

Knowing that my  Strength and balance would probably be off, because my key balancing muscles (core and bum) where probably still in Jamaica 🙂 .

And still be ok with it all, not allowing my ego to win, and make me feel any judgment, regret, or guilt for not practicing while away. As I practiced today,  of course it wasn’t easy  returning back never is, but instead of creating tension and internal drama, I’m just going to :   Allow myself the space to just let go and breath!

I am back to my regular teaching schedule starting today for Thavma mix up black; looking forward to seeing you there.