Welcome everyone, to my first Thavma Bikram Yoga Blog Post!!

 Here I will talk about an array of topics from Yoga, Fitness, nutrition, Mind/Body health and more!! First let me tell you a little about myself, and how I decided to open my own Bikram Yoga studio in the Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch Area!!

 As I traveled the world  and  was living between Greece, and Bali I had attended many Yoga trainings under very experienced Yoga Masters in Iyengar, Ashtanga, & Vinyasa for 18 years.  I chose to also become a Bikram Yoga instructor to share my life-changing experience with others.

I suffered back pains from a degenerative arthritic cervical spine. I was living a high paced life as a fashion Stylist for major fashion magazines, a personal stylist to the Haute monde in Greece, and I had my own leather Hand bag and Sandals Label that I was designing and running, all this had me on my feet in 6 inch heels and feeling the pressure to fit into a size two.  I found myself seeking a magic bullet — an exercise or pill to change everything — because what ever I was doing wasn’t working, either my back was hurting and staying a size two was getting more difficult as the years passed!

As a recommendation from my tennis partner, I came upon Bikram Yoga and became hooked immediately. Practicing The Bikram Method has forced me to face myself, deal with my demons and, ultimately, learn to love myself. It has made me a better person. I am more calm, compassionate, grateful, and happy. Physically, my back doesn’t hurt, despite continuing to wear high heels. Miraculously too, my spine has became so much stronger , with a larger range of motion and I was able to avoid surgery all together!! The best part, fitting into a size two isn’t that much of a challenge any more, with a regular Hot Yoga Practice, my body is lean fit healthy and strong. My relationship with Food is so much better now too; I make healthier choices because I know I will pay for it in the hot room if I don’t. But even if I let myself enjoy something( hmmmm warm fresh made bread or home made Pizza by my hubby) its ok because I know Ill burn it off in my daily Bikram yoga class! It was because of my husband  that I went to the Bikram Training, after he saw with my back pains so greatly reduced that the smile had returned back to my face.  Although our plans where to open in Greece,  and travel between Greece and Bali, where we would do retreats. God had other plans for us, and although we came for just a visit to Florida we ended up loving it here and the wonderful people we have met. There was a need for a Hot yoga studio in Manatee County, and There for I’m truly  excited to bring this life-changing yoga here!

So far since our soft opening  on March 1, I have met such amazing, kind, strong willed and determined,  Beautiful people of Manatee County, I Thank you all for joining The Thavma Yoga family, and I look forward to leading you through many Bikram Yoga classes !!

And for those I have not met yet, please consider this a personal invitation to come in & check us out, you will never forget your first class and I would love to be there for it.