1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a Biotech Sales Representative for an Oncology Company. I focus on providing treatments for the unmet medical needs of patients suffering from cancer. I have a husband named, Geoff and two daughters, Avery Rose and Livia Jane.  I am blessed to have a supportive husband and two happy, healthy, and vibrant little girls. I have lived in Florida for two years now and am originally from Pennsylvania.  I have a passion for dance (and YOGA) and I teach Zumba in my free time.  Dancing is my heart and soul.  Yoga is the calm to my storm.

2.)Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Bikram Yoga?

I have done yoga and pilates for about 10 years now.  I also have dabbled a bit in Barre as well.  I like to try all kinds of new things!

3.) What made you decide to take your first Bikram Class?

I first tried Bikram Yoga from stumbling upon a groupon online two years ago. I was new to the area and could not find yoga classes that I loved. I am always open to trying new things so I bought the Groupon and gave it a shot.  I instantly fell in love with the practice, the studio (Marina), and the heat! It was such a welcoming environment and has amazing teachers.  There is no other…

4.) Why did you choose Thavma Bikram Yoga?

Thavma was near my house and I chose it through online research.  The design of the studio is perfect… I love the hard wood floors, as some hot Yoga studios have carpet.  I also love the 60 minute Thavma!!!

5.) What was your first Thavma Bikram yoga experience like?

My first Bikram class experience was not easy.  I was not used to 90 minutes on intense heat.  After coming to a few more classes, my body adjusted and now I love the heat and want it as hot as possible.  I have become stronger, calmer, and learned how to breathe in this heat… It heals my body…

6.) What makes you come back?

I come back to Thavma because I love the practice, the staff, the family I have formed, the growth that I see in my poses, and the fact that I love to sweat!

7.)How long have you been practicing?

I have been at Thavma for almost 2 years now.  It has become a constant in my life.  It is a part of my weekly schedule and this will not change.

8.)What changes have you seen since you began your practice with us?

The changes that I have seen are that I have become physically and mentally stronger.  I am calmer and more mindful in my life.  There are poses that I could never do that I now do with ease.  There are also some poses that I am still trying to master.

9.)Where have you seen that it helps you?

I have noticed the most change in my core strength.  I try to do Thavma Red at least once per week, if not twice.  Having a stronger core has helped me to do more poses and stay in control.

10.) What is your favorite pose?

My favorite pose is the standing bow.  I think this pose is a beautiful pose.  It makes you feel strong physically and mentally.

11.)What is your least favorite pose?

I find the pigeon pose to be very challenging for me.  Each and every class, I get closer and closer to accomplishing it, but it has taken me a very long time to master…

12.)What do you like most about Thavma Bikram Yoga?

 What do I like most about Thavma Bikram Yoga? What’s not to like?  The teachers are talented and inspiring.  The members are always friendly and smiling.  The Studio is designed beautifully and the heat is just right.  I could go on and on.  Marina is the heart behind Thavma and you can feel it the minute you walk in the door.