1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Pamela: My name is Pamela Rosenthal. I am a stay at home mom with nine precious children. I am also a homeschool teacher. I am also a wife to my husband, Mark. We will celebrate are 25th Anniversary in July.

Sophia: I am 9 years old. I love to ride horses , swim and do Yoga. I am the 7th of 9 siblings.  I love Marina and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

2. Have you done yoga other styles of yoga other than Thavma Yoga?

PR: No

SR: No, I have loved horses and rabbits and cats and dogs. I have a horse and the other is my sisters.

3. What made you decide to take your first yoga class?

PR: A friend invited me when I was going through a severe health trail.

SR: My mommy goes and so I thought I should go too.

4. What made you choose Thavma Premium Hot Yoga Lakewood Ranch as a studio?

PR: My daughter drove me there and purchased a discount groupon for me.

SR: Mommy

5. What was your first Yoga experience at Thavma Premium Hot Yoga Lakewood Ranch like?

PR: It was quite difficult. Especially balancing.

SR: Hard, but now it’s a little easier.

6. What makes you come back?

PR: I love the way I feel afterwards.

SR: My mom, friends and the teachers.

7. How long have you been practicing?

PR: On and off a couple years. But, in the last year I have tried to take classes daily.

SR: I have been practicing for three months.

8. What changes have you seen since you began the practice?

PR: I am more flexible, better balancing, postures and overall my health.

SR: I am better, and the teachers know me.

9. What have you seen that yoga helps you in your day to day life?

PR: I am more flexible, strong, and healthy.

10. What is your favorite pose?

PR: I love the back strengthening.

SR: Triangle.

11. What is your least favorite pose?

PR: Rabbit.

SR: Standing head to knee.

12. What do you like most about Thavma Yoga?

PR: I believe I stretch much easier in a hot room.

SR: The sweet teachers.

13. Tell us a anything else interesting that you feel you have gained or learned since you started yoga with us?

PR: For the last five years I have been dealing with serious health issues; due to a complete jaw replacement. I was in ICU for months at a time. Had my seventh TMJ surgery at Stands unfortunately. I was in a coma for a while. I am still in the struggle of daily life due to pain and nausea. I used to run half marathons, but I am advised not to anymore. Yoga gives me a complete workout without the impact on my joints. I know I can continue to practice for years to come.

SR: I have learned that yoga is good for you and that I have been getting so much flexible that I can almost do a split.