Jennifer first came to our LWR yoga studio , she is a hairstylist at Che Bella Salon, being a hair stylist  is quite impacting

on the body. Although her shoulder issues  worried her from coming she persevered and still came. In the end enjoying it enough to convince her daughters to come. Now the three enjoy the practice separately but also together. We love seeing the dedication they put into the classes, and love to see all three of them perched up front row when they can attend classes together. Yoga itself means unity, it is quiet empowering and strengthening , which is  a wonderful activity for family members to do together, empowering and strengthening the family bonds between parents and their children. Read below to learn about their individual yoga journey!



My name is Jennifer Karow, I am married and have two lovely daughters. I have been a hairstylist for 25 years and I currently work at Che Bella Salon and Spa in Lakewood Ranch. 
2. I have tried other style of yoga, but I was never as committed as I am to Thavma Yoga.
3. I saw that the studio was close to our house and I had heard other people talk about hot yoga, making me want to give it a try.
4. The location of the studio is what made me choose Thavma Premium Hot Yoga studio.
5. During my first class at Thavma Yoga, I knew that I would be coming back. I love the heat and the focus that it takes to practice yoga.
6. I love the way that I feel after a class and I know how important it is for my body and my health.
7. I have been practicing yoga seriously for about a year and a half.
8. Since starting to practice yoga, I have noticed that my flexibility has increased, my muscles have toned up, and I have overall felt so much stronger.
9. Yoga has impacted my life by helping me be less stressed throughout my day. I have also noticed that I am so much more energized while doing my daily takes.
10. My favorite yoga pose is Standing Bow.
11. My least favorite yoga pose is Locust
12. One of my favorite things about doing yoga at Thavma Premium Yoga is that we are properly taught how to hold a pose so that we do not injure ourselves.
13. When I started to practice yoga, I came in with a shoulder injury which caused me to question my ability of whether or not I would be able to do yoga. But since I began, I have been able to strengthen my muscles in my shoulder which have helped me work through my injury.


My name is Olivia Karow, I am 20 years old. I am a college student at Southeastern University—Bayside Campus at Bayside Community Church. I work as a high school youth coordinator at Bayside Community Church.
1. No, I have only done Thavma Yoga
2. My mom encouraged me to take my first yoga class because she had been doing yoga for a while and loves it.
3. I chose this studio because it is the one my mom went to, plus the location is great, very close to our house!
4. Prior to going to yoga I was discouraged and intimidated by the heat. My first yoga experience was tough, it was a Thavma Red on a Monday night with Marsha and I felt like I was going to die, but the more I pushed through, the better I felt, and the more confident I became.
5. I keep coming back because hot yoga feels so good, it may not always feel that way in the moment, but afterwards I always feel so accomplished and invigorated. Hot yoga also benefits my body physically and mentally, even when I don’t feel like going, I go, because I know how much it positively affects me.
6. I have been practicing for just over a year
7. Since starting yoga, I have gotten so much stronger. I have noticed that my muscles have toned up, making me a lot more confident. I am way more flexible than I was when I started as well. When I began practicing, I couldn’t even touch my toes, now, I can easily touch my toes and go into yoga postures I didn’t think would be possible for me to do.
8. In my day to day life, I have seen that yoga has helped me to be stronger and more energized throughout the day. It has also taught me to enjoy every moment in life, small or big, taking deep breaths throughout the day. I have also been so much more positive in all areas of my life.
9. My favorite pose is Rabbit!
10. My least favorite pose is Camel
11. The thing I like most about hot yoga at this studio is all of the instructors are so friendly and welcoming. I also love doing it with my family.
12. Something that has always stuck out to me is the encouragement from the instructors throughout the class. There is one phrase in particular that has stuck out to me: “you can breathe through anything.” Simple words, but a powerful phrase. This is a phrase that I have carried with me and reminded myself of in the tough or stressful moments in life. This has encouraged me in my everyday life, helping me conquer the tougher situations. Reminding myself that I can breath through anything, reminds me of the power and capacity that I have within me.


My name is Elaina Karow, I am 18 years old. I am currently attending Southeastern University—Bayside Campus at Bayside Community Church. I love to explore, discovering new fun things to do and be active.
2. No, I have not done any other yoga styles other than Thavma.
3. My mom and sister had been doing yoga for a while which caught my attention. Also, after I quit high school swim, I wanted a way to stay active.
4. The reason I chose this studio is because my mom and sister went there, and the location is great!
5. The main reason I didn’t want to do yoga was because I didn’t know how I would react to the heat, but I soon learned that it wasn’t too bad. I felt super motivated and invigorated after my first class.
6. The reason why I continue to come back is because I feel so good afterwards, knowing that I completed a great workout and took great care of my body.
7. I have been practicing yoga for around 6 months.
8. Since starting to practice yoga consistently, I noticed my muscles begin to tone up, my flexibility increased, and my endurance has also gotten better.
9. Throughout my day, I always have a lot of energy that I don’t know what to do with, by going to yoga, it has helped me release some of that energy, helping me stay focused throughout the day.
10. My favorite yoga pose is Balancing Stick pose
11. My least favorite pose is Locust
12. One of my favorite things about going to this studio is the community that is there, the instructors are amazing and everyone is always so kind.
13. I have always known the phrase “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” but I didn’t see it truly in action until I began to practice yoga. It is always about your mindset, if you go into a class with a positive mindset, you will be able to do it.