Ben Mclochlin
I have been on the fitness journey for years now, mostly in bodybuilding. I suffered an injury to my right anterior tibialis causing a tear in the tendon and swelling. I attempted to continue pursing a golf career but the injury was too much. I have had stem cell injections to heal the ankle but the swelling and previous damage was still too much and needed a new program to restore the ankle and body.
2. Discovering Yoga: I went and saw someone that recommended strengthening exercise for the ankle and hip and I thought that yoga would be a better overall program because my entire body was effected but the ankle.
3. Choosing Thavma Yoga: I found ThaVma Yoga on google and it was relatively close. I saw the program Phoenix and it looked like the prefect class for what I need for recovery.
4. First Impressions: I was hesitant at first. I have tried many things to help my issue but figured yoga would be helpfully in some way. Once I went for the first time I was amazed at the specific movements in the class that was designed to help. The people and instructors were great and welcoming. Once I opened up about the injury, everyone was happy to help
5. Returning to the Mat: after seeing the initial class and the immediate impact it had not only on my ankle but entire body sold me on coming back. I started adding other classes as well to challenge want I have been working on in the phoenix class.
6. Yoga Journey: I started end of January 2024
7. Personal Growth: I have noticed that I am more discipline through everything else. Continuing to show up and slowly getting results has transferred out of the yoga classes.
8. Daily Impact: my injury caused me to be more tired and in consistent pain throughout the day. The relief from the classes has greatly benefited me physically and mentally.
9. Favorite Asana: Shavasana. The end of the class when all the work is complete and you get that reward of accomplishment.
10. Challenging Asana: the hip hike/press movement. My hip flexors were destroyed from years of incorrect movement.
11. Studio Highlights: the atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help and wants you to do well.
12. Additional Insights: I would say that after years of pain, The Phoenix method is the only thing that has created lasting relief. The benefits of showing up and getting it done transfer throughout my daily life.