1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Frankie: I am a high school sophomore at Lakewood Ranch High School and swim for the Sarasota Tsunami Swim Team. I love swimming, basketball, food, and hanging out with my boys. I spend most of my time at school and doing things to improve my swimming.

Dimiter: I’m Fifteen, go to Manatee School For The Arts, and swim competitively.

2. Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Thavma Yoga?

Frankie: I have not.

Dimiter: Not consistently, I’ve tried others here and there but never really got into it until now.

3. What made you decide to take your first yoga class?

Frankie: My mom thought it would help my flexibility, which I need to swim faster.

Dimiter: My Mom and my friend Frankie, together they talked me into trying it.

4. What made you choose Thavma Yoga Lakewood Ranch as a Studio?

Frankie: My mom found a Groupon

Dimiter: Mainly because of the Pheonix Method class, because it is made for helping athletics which is awesome.

5. What was your first Yoga experience at Thavma Yoga like?

Frankie: If we’re being honest, it sucked. I didn’t really love it at first, but my mom made me keep going. Now, I genuinely love it!

Dimiter: Hot, intense, and tiring.

6. What makes you come back?

Frankie: Being able to go to my next swim practice knowing that I have improved myself. It also helps me clear my mind when I am stressed out. I had no idea yoga would do that!

Dimiter: I love the way I feel after finishing a class, I’m more awake and alert for the rest of the day.

7. How long have you been practicing?

Frankie: About 2 months

Dimiter: A little over 2 months now.

8. What changes have you seen since you began the practice?

Frankie: I see a big difference in my leg flexibility. I went from barely being able to stretch my hands past my knees, to now being able to touch my palms flat to the ground. It has also improved my balance. The day after the class, I always feel less tight during practice.

Dimiter: My flexibility has improved a noticeable amount, and my bodily awareness has as well.

9. Where have you seen that yoga helps you in your day to day life?

Frankie: It has helped make me a faster swimmer and helps me destress.

Dimiter: It’s been especially helpful in making me more heat tolerant, something that’s very useful down here in Florida.

10. What is your favorite pose?

Frankie: Child’s pose

Dimiter: Rabbit would probably be my favorite.

11. What is your least favorite pose?

Frankie: Leg extensions by far

Dimiter: Camel would probably be my least favorite.

12. What do you like most about Thavma Yoga Lakewood Ranch?

Frankie: The instructors and the way it smells. The essential oils are great!

Dimiter: The people there, instructors and other students, everyone is just incredibly kind.

13. Tell us anything else interesting that you feel you have gained or learned since starting yoga with us?

Frankie: I’ve learned how to listen to my body and it helps with my focus.

Dimiter: Water is your best friend.