Thavma Yoga is my first yoga experience. I have been practicing for almost a year and feel blessed to have been introduced to it by my cousin, Angie.

I moved to Sarasota with my family one year ago where I am a Behavior Specialist at Tuttle Elementary School full-time and Counseling Support Specialist for Homeless Teens at Schoolhouse Link part-time. One year ago is when I started my yoga journey at Thavma.

Fear that I couldn’t take the heat was the daunting thing about my first yoga class. From that day on I was addicted. Addicted to the heat, to the vibe of the studio, to the support and compassion of all the leaders, to the way my mind could settle and the way my body felt afterwards.

The changes I have seen since I have joined Thavma have been boundless. The way I can manage my breath, push my body and calm my thoughts has transformed my body and my mind.  I look more fit. I feel stronger and more balanced.  I can let go of what I take on after an emotional work day leading elementary school children and homeless teens towards making positive behavioral choices that are in large part a result of the physical and emotional trauma in their daily lives. I can support their stories better by letting go of the day.

My favorite pose is Dancer. It is a graceful pose with a powerful punch! It makes me feel vulnerable, open, accomplished, fearless and strong.

My least favorite pose is Wild Thing probably because it involves a backbend. The challenge is not in the physical aspect of the backbend but in the emotional trust involved to be that open. I used to feel this way about Camel but with Marina’s guidance, I have learned to overcome the fear of that pose so I am sure with practice I will get increasingly more comfortable in Wild Thing.

The spirit and soul of Thavma Yoga is what I love most. It’s what brings me back. Marina is a consummate professional who exudes passion for her practice. In loving, supportive ways she pushes her students to perform their very best with compassion that everyone’s practice is their own. The leaders are beautiful, genuine people as are the yogis I practice with.