1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a mother of 6 beautiful children, a 2nd grade teacher and a firefighter wife.

2. Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Thavma Yoga?


3. What made you decide to take your first Thavma Yoga Class?

I had my hip replaced in 2016 and decided that Hot Yoga would help with my rehabilitation and would be a perfect way to heal and keep my body aligned.

4. What made you choose Thavma Yoga as a Studio?

I had a friend that encouraged me to try Thavma. He said the instructors were very helpful in modifying poses and working with people who have injuries or limitations.

5. What was your first Hot yoga experience like?

Everyone was so friendly at the studio. I was impressed with Marina and her knowledge of modifications I should do for certain poses due to my hip replacement. The heat helped me relax during the poses and ultimately helped me go deeper in the postures.

6. What makes you come back?

I do at least 3-4 classes a week because of the healing I feel in my body when I consistently attend yoga classes. I have become more flexible, especially in my hip, and my core is stronger.

7. How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing consistently for 1 ½ years at Thavma Yoga.

8. What changes have you seen since you began the practice?

I have major improvement in my flexibility, especially in my hip that was replaced, my balance and my core strength have improved tremendously. I walk through each day feeling healthy and completely aligned. I no longer have pain in my hip joints or lower back. I have learned so much in the past year about how to correctly hold postures and avoid injury. I understand now how to safely rotate my hips while holding postures so I do not injure myself. My husband and I also workout with weights at the gym 3-4 days a week. Thavma premium Hot Yoga has helped me understand how to have correct posture while working out with weights and how to avoid injuries while in the gym.

9. Where have you seen that it helps you?

The benefits I have felt are Thavma Yoga has increased my flexibility which has helped prevent injuries, it has also improved my strength in my major muscle groups, it has improved my cardio workouts at the gym.

10. What is your favorite pose?

My favorite pose is Eagle Pose because I feel my shoulder joints opening and feel space between my shoulder blades, as well as my hips and IT bands open safely. Eagle pose has also improved my balance.

11. What is your least favorite pose?

Camel Pose would have to be my least favorite.

12. What do you like most about Thavma Yoga?

I have learned so much from the instructors at Thavma. They are very caring, genuine women who are knowledgeable about Yoga. Thavma Yoga has become like a family to me. I have met such amazing people there and have learned so much about yoga as well as health and fitness. It has really changed me as a person. I am more aware of my body, what is good physically for my body and mind as well as what may cause injury to my body. I have become so much more knowledgeable because of the instructors at Thavma Yoga.

13. Tell us anything else interesting that you feel you have gained or learned since starting Thavma Yoga.

I have gained so many great friends, a healthy lifestyle that no longer includes pain in my joints. I am stronger as a person, more confident and happier overall because I have found a workout I look forward to that has been so beneficial to my overall wellbeing. I have gained knowledge about alignment which extends into my workouts at the gym which has helped me avoid injury while working out with weights.