1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I started practicing yoga after my car accident last fall when the doctors told me I would never be able to do cheerleading again due to the four bulging disks in my neck. I also work with children on a day to day basis so yoga has become an essential part of my life.

2. Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Bikram Yoga?

I have done Vinyasa and Ashtanga before.

3. What made you decide to take your first Thavma Class?

I had attempted a warm flow class before but I really wanted to experience a Hot Yoga class and thought it would be good for my neck injury.

 4. Why did you choose Thavma Yoga as your Studio?

I was looking for a Hot Yoga studio and the employees at Lulu Lemon told me about Thavma Yoga. This place is unlike any yoga studio I have ever been to before, it is not extremely strict and I love how butt and core exercises are incorporated into some of the classes here.

 5. What was your first Thavma Bikram yoga experience like?

Very intense, I thought because I had done warm yoga before I would be fine and I barely drank any water before. So I almost passed out three times.

6. What makes you come back?

How good I feel after, my flexibility is better than ever before and the spine strengthening series really help with my neck issues.

 7. How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing at Thavma Yoga for about three months now.

8. What changes have you seen since you began the practice?

My flexibility and my neck pain is almost non-existent. I no longer get numbness or pain down my arms which is amazing considering my chiropractor couldn’t accomplishment that.

9. Where have you seen that it helps you?

It helps me in day to day life, and because of yoga it has helped my neck heal so well that I am attempting to start cheerleading again.

10. What is your Favorite pose?

Probably the standing bow, I love the intense back bend.

11. What is your Least favorite pose?


12. What do you like most about Thavma Bikram Yoga?

I love the welcoming and encouraging environment, my first class the other students clapped for me when I achieved a challenging yoga pose. In other yoga studios if you cough you will get a nasty look.

13. Tell us something inspirational that you have felt or done since starting Thavma Yoga.

Because Yoga has made such a difference in my life since my neck injury, I take every opportunity I can to share it with others so that they can benefit from this practice as well. So in my speech class last semester I did a persuasive speech on why to implement yoga into your workout regimen. The feedback was very positive and I convinced the great majority of my class to try at least one yoga class so they can experience the benefits themselves.