1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Bradenton, with my wife Patti and my son Matt.  We have two other sons, one who lives in Austin, Texas, and the other in Worcester, Massachusetts.  I am originally from Rhode Island and we move to Florida a little less than 2 years ago for work.  I am General Counsel for a group of companies that are located in various parts of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, but our corporate offices are in Sarasota. We love Florida and have tried to embrace the “Salt Life” by taking advantage of the water as often as we can.

2. Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Bikram Yoga?

I only tried Yoga a few other times, before trying Bikram.  Most recently, last summer we were at a conference in Banff, Canada and the hotel offered yoga classes. I signed up for a couple and liked it.

3. What made you decide to take your first Bikram Class?

After the Canada trip, I decided I wanted to look into Yoga classes locally, so I started searching on the internet, and I came across the Thavma website.  It seemed interesting, and the idea of doing a hot yoga appealed to me because I felt it would help with my joint pains and weight loss.

4. Why did you choose Thavma Bikram Yoga Studio?

I ended up a Thavma, because after exploring different options on the internet it seemed like a good option.  It offers a number of  different classes at times that fit my work schedule, it is close to where I live and the description and photos on the web page made is seem like a very appealing place.

5. What was your first Bikram yoga experience like?

Well, I really did not know what to expect, having not done Bikram before.  I was thinking hot yoga, how hard can it be.  I left that first class thinking, oh my god, that was the hardest workout I ever had (and I used to go to the gym six days a week and have always been active). However, I also thought I could not wait to get to another class.

6. What makes you come back?

Like I said, the first class seemed so hard, but I knew I was getting a good work out and more importantly, addressing some physical issues I have with arthritis in my joints. Between that, and my competitive nature wanting to prove to myself that I could do it and get better at all the various postures, I was hooked after the first class.

7. How long have you been practicing?

It has been just about six months now and I have tried to get to the studio about 4 times a week.

8. What changes have you seen since you began the practice?

It has definitely improved my flexibility and has help with some of my arthritis, particularly in my shoulders, knees and ankles. It also has helped improve my core strength as well.  I still have some hip issues and I will be getting my left hip replaced in a month, but I think that was too far gone before I started. I am looking forward to getting back to the studio as soon as I can after surgery and to see how much I can improve some of my postures with the new hip.

9. Where have you seen that it helps you?

In addition to the joint issues, I have loss some weight, although I need to match my diet better to my yoga efforts to see the full benefit.  I also have used some of the breathing discipline you learn in class for other purposes. For example I went for a run a couple of days ago and focused on controlling my breathing better so I could run longer.

10. What is your Favorite pose?

I actually like standing separate leg stretching pose, because I have tightness in my lower back, and that pose really stretches out no only your back, but you hamstrings as well.

11. What is your Least favorite pose?

Without a doubt it would have to be locust pose,  the arms under you with the palms facing down and pinkies touching, UGH!

12. What do you like most about Thavma Bikram Yoga?

Not only do I enjoy that workout, but Marina and all the teachers at the Studio are awesome.  They care about each students practice and focus on making everyone feel comfortable in their practice regardless of where they are in the pose. The other students also are very welcome and after a while it feels like family.  Walking in the door at Thavma Yoga now is almost like walking through the door at home where you feel relaxed and at peace.