Q. Had you practiced yoga before coming to Thavma Bikram Yoga? If so, What other Styles of Yoga had you practiced?

A. No, Thavma Bikram Yoga is my very first practiced yoga and I’m so glad to practice this style as my foundation in yoga.

Q. What Made you decide to do Thavma Yoga 30 Day Challenge?

A. I’ve been in Thavma for 9 months now and I wanted to challenge myself more to do better and better despite of the heat and of course I wanted to learn and grow more in my practice.

Q. What did you want to accomplish from your 30 Day Challenge?? Did you achieve your goal?

A. When I decided I wanted to take the challenge I told myself that this is a big step for my fitness goal, if I can complete the hot yoga challenge definitely I could do more fitness challenges to be in better shape and flatter stomach and it surely does! after the challenge I saw a big change on myself specially having a flatter stomach now. Special thanks to Marina for working us hard in Thavma classes.

Q. What changes did you see during and after your 30 days of  Thavma Yoga?

A. I noticed myself getting even more flexible because of the heat and the poses it really helps on my flexibility, my body become leaner and stronger.

Q. What did you learn/gain from doing Thavma yoga regularly?

A. I believe practice will eventually makes your routine perfect, there are postures that I thought I already knew and thought I’ve been doing it correctly before but as I go to classes regularly I am very surprised that I am still learning for the correct alignment. I learned more on this challenge on how to do proper alignment.

Q. What did you love most from doing the Challenge?

A. I love most the combination of heat and poses, I love it when Marina put us to a very difficult core workout and challenging postures…it really works!

Q. What’s your favorite posture!?

A. I like the flow of Standing head to knee and straight to standing bow because it really helps with your balance. I like the triangle pose also…actually I think I like all the postures because each has its own healing benefits.

Q. What do you think about our Studio?

A. The very first time I walked in to Thavma Studio before I found myself calm and felt relaxed to practice. I love the ambience of the studio, the interior decoration specially that bamboo poles near the door, I like the cleanliness all over the studio, most of all I like the teachers specially Marina,Marsha,Shelly,Kate,Magdalena and Liz. Thank you all so much for being a part of my challenge.

Q. Tell us something else interesting that you noticed from your challenge?

A. As I go to Thavma yoga classes every day it surprised me how my body reacts to the heat,I guess the more you do it the more your body get used to it. Being in the challenge gave me a lot of benefits that I never expected, it made me even stronger, leaner and more aware of my alignment. I thought that I couldn’t make it, but I am glad that I finally made it, needs patient and determination for everything.