I’m Forever Grateful for what Yoga Has done to me

After years of living a vicious cycle of overindulgence of food, drink and working I made a conscious decision to change my life.  I was 60 lbs overweight; I struggled with not just my physical appearance but my mental and emotional wellbeing.  I knew that for me there needed to be a mental “switch” to keep me on a path towards a healthy lifestyle.  I turned to yoga to help me turn that switch.  In August of 2013, I took the first step.  As I walked into the Bikram yoga studio I looked around the room of unfamiliar faces and I am not going to lie, I wanted to turn around and walk right back out.  Then I remembered years early when I had gotten the Bikram bug as a young fit woman and how amazing I felt.  Even if I had a long road ahead I knew that I had to start somewhere no matter how uncomfortable or difficult that first step was.  My mind raced with thoughts “I am the heaviest person in the room”, “I have no balance”, “I will never make any improvement”, “people are probably looking at me saying “look at her she doesn’t belong here”.  What I realized after that first class is that everyone in that room was there for themselves just like me.  I made a commitment to myself that I would make myself come a minimum of 4 times a week for the next 6 months.  Over the last 3 months I have kept that commitment and watched the mental, physical and emotional changes that have taken place.  I have lost 35 lbs and unknown inches off my body.  My clarity and decision making skills have sharpened.  My willpower and drive developed to a level that I can’t remember ever having.  I have never been more in touch or accepting of who I am as a person and how truly inspiring I can actually be to myself.  Each day as I step onto the mat and concentrate on where I am for the day I am amazed at my strength and I find myself breaking my focus to celebrate those little wins within my practice.  It might be holding a pose that I have struggled with for the entire posture or that first time I could touch my toes.  I am forever grateful for what yoga has done for me.

Lori R.

Lorraine M.

Its been a couple of years since I’ve done Bikram Yog. I found private lessons with Marina to be the best way to get into proper posture to take full advantage of the benefits that Bikram yoga provides. Marina is very helpful and patient in her teaching technique. I would highly recommend taking lessons from her if you want to improve your yoga posture!


Lorraine M.

Christa R.

New to yoga or a long-term veteran, this is the studio for you. I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 15 years, but coming to Thavma Yoga has inspired me and helped me refine postures. The teachers are quite unique and make the practice fun and lively. Marina, the owner and teacher, is so engaged in her classes and really helps the students to improve the postures or push their practice to the next level. She is also very generous with her time and sincere in the care for everyone that comes into the studio. I personally have expressed concerns about my body or more personal concerns and she listens intently and has offered some great advice. On top of all that, the studio is beautiful, you can’t help but feel good when you walk in. There are also showers and if you forget something, don’t worry, they have everything there to rent or buy. On a last note, come with an open mind. I won’t lie and say it is easy and that hot yoga is everyone, but please do yourself a favor and try it. Come in, work hard, leave your problems on the mat and walk out renewed and with a sense of ability to handle whatever life brings your way!! Thanks Thavma Yoga!


Frequent Traveler who has visited many other Bikram studios:

I used to travel for work and have practiced Bikram all over the country from Napa and Seattle to NY and even Sarasota. Your class is by far the best Bikram class that I have attended. I truly appreciate the focus on alignment and ensuring the posture is done correctly. As a RYT-200 myself, I also appreciated the fact you circulated through the class keeping the energy flowing rather than barking orders from a pedestal.
Keep it up…………
PS- that class this morning was intense, WOW. 




Shayne Bench 2014 Match Play Champion, The Ritz Carlton Members Golf Club, Sarasota FL


Thavma Yoga has been a key component to the improvements in my golf swing over the past year.  My ability to make a full shoulder turn without losing leverage in my legs or injuring my back has resulted in longer distances with my driver and irons, as well as much more consistency in my golf swing.  My handicap index has dropped from a 7.6 to a 4.8.  Additionally, my ability to stay mentally focused on the course or during a match is the exact opposite of what it was prior to practicing yoga.  I can’t imagine there will be a time in my future where I will not be practicing yoga regularly.

–          Shayne Bench, 2014 Match Play Champion, The Ritz Carlton Members Golf Club, Sarasota FL

Thank you

Thank you:
for releasing the pain in my Achilles’ that forced me to walk tiptoe every morning
for stretching my hamstrings and taking away the knots
for releasing that horrible spasm in my left calf that massage could never rub out
for shooing away the screaming pain coming from my right knee
for straightening out my hips, stuck crooked from years of running
for unlocking my frozen right shoulder
for helping me find my balance
for curing my headaches
for improving my posture
for reminding me I am stronger than I know
for loving me
for teaching me to love myself, including my thighs

Thank you Thano, Marina, and ThaVma.  Thank you.

 Nicole W.

Husband/Wife Duo practicing together in sync for 13 years

After 9/11, my husband sought something enlightening and tried Bikram Yoga. Knowing nothing about different yoga styles, he only picked Bikram Yoga because it was listed first in the Yellow Pages. I thought he was crazy when he described the postures and the heat. But after a few months of listening to his enthusiasm and his coaching, I gave it a try. Never having been an athlete, I had not experienced the high created after intense exercise until I tried this yoga. After a few weeks, I even noticed a new waistline and I just always felt better physically, emotionally and mentally. Now, after thirteen years, we couldn’t survive without Bikram yoga and while we try to practice together, at least three times a week, I go by myself many other days. Bikram yoga is an important part of our life, and the teachers and other students are like a family.


Andy Davis (65)

Skip Davis (66)


Active tennis Player, couldn’t play tennis after back issues.

I am used to being a very active person, however, one with progressive back issues. Recently I had to stop playing tennis for a while after aggravating a back condition. Years ago, I was told by a Physical Therapist that Yoga should be an integral part of my life. I have tried to like Yoga, have tried many different types of classes with an effort to connect and enjoy it, but  I never did so  I stopped going . Since I recently could not play tennis and was in much pain and discomfort, I decided for once in my life to try Yoga again (even if I didn’t like it). This time, I decided to try Bikram Yoga but to take a private lesson so at least I had a general idea of what I was doing when I would make myself go to classes. (Obviously I had come in with a mind set that I wasn’t going to like it since I never liked Yoga!) What I didn’t know is what I surprise I was in for! I took a lesson with the owner, Marina, who is knowledgeable and understands injuries and back issues. She spent an hour with me. I don’t generally like heat but in this case, I LOVED the dry heat and it allowed my muscles to work and stretch more easily. At the beginning of the lesson, my body had no flexibility whatsoever and by the end of class, I was able to move and stretch and without pain and discomfort! More importantly, by that afternoon, I was almost pain free and have been that way since!! When we were done, I thought it best I book one more private before I started class so that I could immerse myself in doing things correctly. Marina, thank you for your knowledge and your commitment to what you love to do! I look forward to my next lesson on Monday and making ThalVma Bikram Yoga a part of my life!! Now I look forward to coming to classes!!


“Charley” Turon

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