Our teacher training

Our comprehensive certification programs provide a strong foundation for personal and spiritual development, an appreciation for nurturing a personal practice and the skills to become a knowledgeable and professional Yoga teacher.

– Possess skills for teaching

– Learn principles of functional anatomy

– Know the benefits of the postures

– Understand the body’s physiology

Phoenix method uses the art and science of a good athletic training programming rehabilitation therefore enhancing athletic performance using adaptation and rest. By Increasing the stress load areas of the body

Every exercise and every pose is a tool to achieve a goal.

Phoenix method helps to retrain the memory of the fascia which as a result of repetitive movement, the fascia remembers and holds the position of the body in this state.

Because the fascia has the ability to contract and memorize a movement it will create the support because of memory therefore it encases all of the muscles and it holds the position even if it’s a poor skeletal position.

At Phoenix Method always assess the person or the athletes because an assessment will always reveal the pain triggers, which will give us a directionality which way we will then take the exercises for the class.

So we can do the poses that create the affect we seek!

From Our Students

The Premium Hot Yoga and the Thavma Method Training was a completely immersive experience. Not only did the information provided through the classes offer so much added context to the art of yoga and detailed explanations of the anatomy of the postures, but Marina’s process of teaching through doing the postures made me confident as a teacher…

Farah V.

Let me start by saying that Premium Hot Yoga has changed my life. It lengthened and strengthened my body and helped me to become more centered…complete benefits physically and mentally. That was the reason I entered into the training…it changed my life and I wanted to do the same and help other people.

Tyana W.

I fell in love with yoga the very first Bikram Class I took over 12 years ago. I had wanted to take the training when I lived in Connecticut, but I couldn’t arrange it around my family and career. I supplemented my need to learn with a regular Bikram and Baptiste practice, posture clinics and…

Denise M.

Gaining Alignment

Phoenix method re-teaches the body’s new patterns for correct alignment
The more you can understand what you were doing the why gets easier
Through Yoga we reprogram the patterns whether it is the facia adaptive changes that the facia can make or the Trying to release let go of tension in the tissues versus big stretches!
When you focus on letting go of tension then the tissues are the muscles will be good at performing what their function actually is and that is stabilizing the joints.


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Through properly aligned yoga we try to slow down the degenerative process that happens naturally by Trying to build the foundation to create stress-free high level of athleticism.

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