1 large Box of cleaned organic baby spinach

2 lbs Shrimp cleaned and deveined

1 box organic baby tomatoes

1 package baby Bellos

2 Tbs Organic butter

6 Tbs Olive Oil

2 cloves Garlic

Fresh Thyme

Fresh Basil


1/4 Cup white wine

1 whole lemon juiced

fresh chili flakes

Salt and Fresh pepper

Add Butter to deep Pan , once melted add Garlic, salt pepper, a small portion of Thyme and oregano, once all is fragrant add Mushrooms,sauté, then add olive oil  and spinach, once it has wilted,add salt, oregano,chili flakes.

Add shrimp and stir around on medium heat until shrimps start to cook through. Add Baby tomatoes, and Basil.Next add wine,stir around, and then add lemon juice. Add more chili and pepper to taste!

Enjoy with some Gluten free  pasta or pasta of choice!