Take a moment and make the commitment to show up for 30 days in the next 3 months.

(That’s only 10 classes a month!)

ThaVma Sarasota Yoga and ThaVma Lakewood Ranch Yoga want to help you maintain your summer practice by offering our Summer Special.

You’ll enjoy 3 months of unlimited hot yoga for less than the cost of a 10 pack per month.*

We get it! The Florida summers are HOT and steamy and sitting inside with the A/C blasting is really appealing. But practicing hot yoga throughout the summer offers loads of benefits. Many of our regular yogis can attest to the heat acclimatization benefits a summer practice can bring. You’ll likely notice the summer temps don’t affect you as much as they used to and all that therapeutic sweating further detoxifies your body and energizes you during those sluggishly hot days. You may find that the added heat allows you to take your practice deeper, both in mind and body as the added heat allows greater flexibility while challenging your mind and forcing you to honor your body. And as if these benefits are not enough, you will tone up for the summer and feel confident, strong, and healthy all summer long.

Don’t let all your progress and good habits fall by the wayside this summer. Commit to your ThaVma Yoga practice today!  

Purchase Here for LWR Purchase Here for SRQ

(You may also purchase in studio at either of our locations.)

*Offer available through June 30, 2019