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Marina Bourantonis

Thavma Yoga is built around Marina Bourantonis, a Bikram yoga instructor, who finished top in her training. Her determination and perseverance is uncanny, and plans to run Thavma Yoga with the same tenacity. Her knowledge and past credentials include working for one of the most renowned Event Coordinators In Greece. She was Responsible for the staff employed, the creating and promoting of events, and the maintenance of a favorable relationship between the Coordinators, the public, and the celebrities that would come for the event. Marina worked as a Fashion stylist, co-coordinating the clothes, jewelry, and accessories used in fashion photography in major fashion magazines in Europe. She also worked with individual celebrity and high society  clientele in Europe, creating their wardrobe and styling them for events.  Her practice and passion of Yoga began at the age of 15, learning all styles of Hatha Yoga, and traveled all over the world to be taught by different mentors. She also has years of experience in Pilates. Having a degenerative arthritic cervical spine left her with debilitating  problems causing her years of pain. A friend recommended to her to try Bikram Yoga before resorting to invasive surgery in 2007 . The moment she did Yoga in a Hot room she knew it was something she had to pursue as a teacher to be able to heal others the ways she was healed. All together as an artist and designer, her keen sense of aesthetics and knowledge of the human body and her ability to relate to all people with all body issues will be one of the key components that will make you want to come back to Thavma Bikram Yoga Studio again and again.

Mark Santoro

Mark discovered Bikram Yoga in the fall of 1999 in New York City. A former professional Broadway dancer for 17 years, he appeared on Broadway and in the National touring companies with such shows as Gypsy, Sophisticated Ladies, The Tap Dance Kid, Carrie, A Chorus Line, Cats, Damn Yankees and Show Boat. His extensive background in dance gave Mark the skill level to teach Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Acro/Tumbling classes at the prestigious American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan. With this demanding schedule Mark needed something to keep up his strength and flexibility, a friend suggested trying a style of Yoga that would repair the body, mind and soul. Mark was immediately hooked and realized the healing power of Bikram Yoga. After 12 years of being a regular practitioner he became a Certified Bikram Yoga teacher in the spring of 2012. Mark enjoys the opportunity to pass along his knowledge and love of Bikram Yoga and to motivate all his students as they move forward with their practice!

Curt Goeders

Having been involved with various sports throughout my life, like many among us, I live with aliments that I simply accept as a condition of my age and former activity. I began practicing Bikram Hatha Yoga in December of 2010. Bikram yoga postures are very basic and easy to understand. So if like me, you are not very flexible, you’ll find that with a little practice, you too can do this yoga. This yoga has improved immensely, my chronically bad left hamstring, hip, shoulder and elbow. Since beginning the practice, I’ve lost twenty-five pounds. I sleep better, and I’m much stronger and more active than I was even twenty years ago.

What I really appreciate is how fundamentally sound the posture sequence is. It’s set up so that every posture performed gets your body ready for the next one. And unlike many other forms of exercise, your bone joints do not become arthritic from too much pounding and pressure being applied to them. In fact you’ll experience quite the opposite effect. If you suffer from inflammation of the joints, or if you have herniated discs in your spine, you’ve got to try this yoga. From the warm –up through the final breathing exercise, the Bikram Yoga sequence is designed to bring your flexibility, stamina, and strength into balance. I believe Bikram Yoga is great for everybody and every body. It is an antidote for aging, and the best way I know to get healthy and stay healthy. As Bikram himself likes to say, “you’re never too old, never too bad, never too late, and never too sick, to start from the scratch once again.

Hope to see you in class!

Tom Palmer

International Bikram Yoga Instructor, Bodyworker, and Healer

Tom attended his first Bikram Yoga class in 2007 and  immediately realized a tremendous benefit.  Since that day, he has practiced an average of 5 times a week and after practicing 1 year made the commitment to attend teacher training.  He began his teaching carer in 2008.

He is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in Florida and is Nationally Certified (NCBTMB)in the United States specializing in Thai Massage. He has traveled Thailand to receive Professional Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, and Abdominal Therapy Certifications issued by the Thai Ministry of Education.

Prior to yoga and bodywork, he had a successful professional career,  with more than 25 years practical experience including computer engineering, business ownership in health care industry, and real estate investment.  His shift into his current life included a major  personal transformation which included   losing and keeping off over 90 pounds, as well shifting himself into a positive perception of life. At the age of 50, he practices a healthy lifestyle  with a focus on nutrition, meditation, yoga, Pilates, energy healing,  and a serious commitment to his own continual transformation and to helping others do the same!

Tom has adapted yogic principles into his approach to bodywork believing strongly that healing occurs through conscious movement stimulating  blood circulation and focused breathing to stimulate energy circulation. He incorporates healing energies through touch and intention.  His healing sessions work to combine breath, compressions, stretching, acupressure point therapy to release physical and energy blockages that are the source of pain and disease.

He travels internationally from his home base in Florida USA, to teach Bikram Yoga and practice healing bodywork.  He seeks out teachers and healers from around the world  to expand his skills and knowledge and  incorporate techniques into his bodywork to better serve is clients.

Shelley Roberts

After graduating from college and earning an MBA, I worked for several years in corporate information technology. In 2006 I hung up my suits to become a mother. Fraught with a whole new set of frustrations and stressors, I began running as a way to de-stress and clear my mind. Eventually my passion for running turned into a business as I became a USA Track and Field certified running coach and led a training program for moms. I ran several marathons and half marathons… and I ran through several injuries. But in 2014, my Dad was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma and this was a mental injury that I just could not run through. The grief was debilitating and my mind was in a constant panic. I felt my health slipping away and knew I needed to find a way to work through the anxiety and stress. I came to ThaVma in October, 2014 and what I found was the instant mental relief I needed to make it through each day. For 90 minutes, I learned to quiet my mind and breathe through the emotional pain as tears mixed with sweat and cleansed my body. It was 90 minutes of relief from the demands of parenting, thoughts of cancer, and everyday worries. While I didn’t have many physical ailments when I started at ThaVma, I did quickly notice that those minor nagging back pains were disappearing, my body was getting stronger, my posture was improving, and my metabolism was regulating. In each class I learned something new as my Type A personality learned to breathe through that which I could not control. As a result, my relationships have improved, my focus has improved, and I handle stress so much better. My two children tell me I’m much nicer after I’ve been to yoga!

I jumped at the opportunity to participate in instructor training at ThaVma. I love seeing new students enter the doors at ThaVma because I’m confident of the benefits they will soon experience. Make a commitment to yourself and your ThaVma Yoga practice because you deserve it and your family and friends deserve to have a happy, healthy you!

Farah Vickery

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Marsha Sue File PT

I graduated as a Physical Therapist in 2004 from USF in Tampa, FL where I was awarded the Dean’s Leadership Award. I have worked in settings such as outpatient, aquatics, rehab, acute care, and most extensively in the home health care setting. I have a pretty strong knowledge of therapeutic exercise and anatomy but still couldn’t heal myself from back and hip pain. I sought out Bikram yoga in October 2014 with the hope of achieving relief from a disc herniation sustained 20 years ago and avoiding a spinal fusion surgery. Initially, I thought the sequence of postures was going to be too difficult for my stiff and painful spine, but I stuck to it as the instructors encouraged me to do. They said results and improvement were just around the corner…. and they were right! I have completed 3 – 30 day challenges in 21 months, lost 20 pounds, and no longer rely on prescription pain medications to get through the day. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend instructor training with Marina at the Thavma studio this past winter and it has been so rewarding. I am fortunate that I get to have fun teaching yoga classes while helping others achieve their physical potential and spine health with the Bikram series. The studio is full of friendly faces, inspiring stories, and acceptance. Spend your time doing hot yoga and you will discover it is an investment in your future, health, and happiness. 

Lakyn Buie

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Melinda Calvert

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Martha Mackey

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Julie Fazio

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