“Why you must continue With your Thavma Bikram Yoga Practice During the summer months!”



“It is too Hot outside to go to my hot yoga class…” ….This is probably what your mind is telling you when those warm summer months start to approach, especially here in South West Florida.

Before I get to the benefits of why practicing Hot Yoga in the summer is beneficial, let me first explain that everything is a state of mind! State of mind controls everything and it is yours to dictate, therefore we can control everything. Although our minds trick us into thinking we can not! Just try and remember how disturbing everything can be when we are in a bad mood!! Being able to change your state of mind proactively means you are in control!

With that said if your mind starts using the excuse “its TOO HOT outside for me to go to hot yoga” giving you the “easy” excuse not to come to yoga, well then guess what, you will embody that mind set and will only focus on that, every time you are in your Yoga class. Making your experience more and more miserable every time you Practice until you finally decide, “I’m not going to come during the summer, I’m too hot”. Just like that, giving up because you 100% set your self up to believe that its better NOT to practice in the summer!

Well I’m here to say it’s actually more beneficial and better for you to continue with your Yoga practice all year round. Aside from the 800+ calorie burning, body healing and Flexibility benefits there are so many more benefits to continue through out the summer your practice.

read on…

  1. You will handle the outside heat much more affectively: By practicing in the 104 °F heat and 40% humidity, this will help you acclimate to the summer seasons sizzling heat and humidity by “teaching” your body to cool itself more efficiently. Your body cools itself more efficiently and effectively through sweat. So when you leave the yoga room, the outside air feels cooler than inside! If you practice often enough, you may notice that outside weather doesn’t feel as hot as it used to, that you don’t need your air conditioning as much, and that you don’t mind being outside as much when it’s sweltering. It also arms you with coping tools (focus, concentration and deep breathing) to help you better manage Florida summer temperatures!
  2. Encourage better eating habits: when you have a regular Bikram Yoga practice during the warm weather you often have a lighter appetite, making healthier food choices, to avoid having the “full heavy stomach bloated” feeling.  Which will definitely have a great affect on that waistline trimming away!
  3. More Energy:  The Florida Humid summers can sometimes make you feel sluggish and lethargic. Your Hot Yoga Practice is a great way to Energize & Detoxify by increasing your oxygen intake, balancing the various psycho-somatic systems of the body, sweating and burning a great amount of calories, all in a 90 minutes Bikram Yoga class, giving the rest of your day a boost of energy!! You will see this will be the FIRST summer you will have more energy then before!!
  4. Spend Quality “Me” time focusing on your health needs:  Yes for some people summer is stress free and Fun!! But for working mothers and fathers that have children out of school, its non-stop car-pooling for the myriad of summer activities that your children belong to. Thinking about everyone else but you, allowing some “me” moments with a regular Thavma Yoga practice will help you deal with the stressful “everything and everyone else” factors of your life. By focusing solely on you, not only will you benefit from the release of stress that you will have, but also you will be much happier and energized for your loved ones all summer long!
  5. Perfect shape for summer sports/activities:  You build great strength, stamina, balance, endurance and coordination when practicing Hot Yoga, which will give you an advantage in any summer sports or outdoors activities do. If you make time for your yoga practice, you may notice that you wont mind the heat at all when you’re running, biking, pushing the stroller, hiking, Kite surfing, surfing or playing other outdoor sports.Your yoga practice will also be the key to reducing injury from overexertion and overuse of your body while taking these activities to the next level for you!!


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