Had you practiced yoga before coming to Thavma Bikram Yoga? Yes a couple of times in Sarasota

What Made you decide to do the 30 Day Challenge? Julie Fazio had done it and challenged me to do it!!

What did you want to accomplish from your 30 Day Challenge?? Did you achieve your goal?Goal was to lose some what and re-set my body.  I love to workout with running, swimming and lifting and I wanted to take a break from that and focus on Yoga.  Yes – I lost about 3 lbs and I gave my body the rest it needed with building a different strength

What changes did you see during and after your 30 days of bikram yoga?  I felt detoxed, leaner and rejuvenated.

What did you learn/gain from doing Bikram yoga regularly?  The more I did it the better I felt and the more I enjoyed it.  I also learned how to be still!!

What did you love most from doing the Challenge?  Completing a challenge!!  I love challenges and this one was a fun one to do!

What’s your favorite posture!?  Camel

What do you think about our Studio!  I love that it is so clean.  It is also very inviting!!