Thavma Bikram Yoga’s 30 Day challenge Survivor : Patricia Staebler

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Had you practiced yoga before coming to Thavma Bikram Yoga? If so, what other Styles of Yoga had you practiced?

 Always Bikram


What Made you decide to do Thavma Yogas 30 Day Challenge?

 I was curious if it would bring changes to my body and to my practice


What did you want to accomplish from your 30-Day Challenge?? Did you achieve your goal?

 Improve flexibility

Yes, flexibility is a little better


What changes did you see during and after your 30 days of Bikram yoga?

 Less pain in my left hip


What did you learn/gain from doing Bikram yoga regularly?

 Regardless how tired I was or how much I did not want to go on certain days, I always came out of the studio refreshed. A 15-minute power nap before practice does the trick – always!


What did you love most from doing the Challenge?

 Support from the teachers and the yogi community


What’s your favorite posture?

 Ardha-Chandrasana and Trikanasan equally


What do you think about our Studio?

 Having nightmares what to do if you ever would move the studio somewhere else.


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