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Learn to teach one of the most energizing, uplifting, sculpting and toning hot Vinyasa classes around. Yoga teacher training is a means of transformation and that transformation is both deeply personal and universal.

– Nurture and develop your teaching skills

– Be part of a close-knit teaching community that learns and shares together

– Improve your own alignment

– Enhance your students’ class experience

Whether you decide to teach or not, we are all lifelong teachers

Cultivating life skills and observing the many other life lessons of yoga will heavily influence your life on and off the mat.

Thavma method Teacher Training will help change how you navigate situations, think, interact and connect with the world around you.

Join the energy of our growing family of teachers, a welcoming community that feels like home.

With limited space available we want to make sure you receive our undivided individual attention.

You will gain the technical skills to deepen your own yoga practice and teach an effective and engaging alignment based, cardio, core-sculpting yoga class.

Channel your inner warrior and learn to teach this Thavma studio popular Vinyasa alignment-based, cardio core-sculpting infused class.

You will also discover that the true talent of a yoga teacher lies not simply in your capacity to call asanas, but in your ability to teach in a heartfelt way that connects to, and affects, your students on a deep and powerful level.

What Our Clients Say

This training was enlightening, wonderful, daunting and nerve-racking. If you are a person who likes a challenge and likes to be challenged to find growth in body, mind and spirit, then this is a great training for you. ThaVma Yoga Studio and it’s owner & lead instructor; Marina Bourantonis represent that healing and joy that I wanted…

Mrs. Magdalena J. F

The Premium Hot Yoga and the Thavma Method Training was a completely immersive experience. Not only did the information provided through the classes offer so much added context to the art of yoga and detailed explanations of the anatomy of the postures, but Marina’s process of teaching through doing the postures made me confident as a teacher…

Farah Leigh V

Breathe. Move. Flow.

We infuse our teacher training with quality, integrity and a sense of humor. We’re here to honor and empower your journey toward personal growth and well-being. No matter your age or fitness level, we aim to inspire ease, confidence and a sense of possibility that lasts.


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