1. Tell us a little about yourself and what made you decide to take your first yoga class?

After my college baseball days, I found my “fix” in the form of running and endurance sports…particularly triathlons and the half iron and iron distance races.  I had zero regard for my body and over the course of ten years I broke it down – literally. With six herniated discs I had surgery a few years ago to “help” with two of them (really to remedy the nerve pain, not the back pain).  But what I really needed to do was fix the underlying problem — tight muscles. After years and years of everyone in the world telling me I need to try yoga….I finally did.

2. Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Thavma Yoga?

I have been to a class here-and-there, usually when traveling, but nothing consistent.  

3. What made you choose Thavma Premium Hot Yoga Sarasota  as a Studio?

To be honest, my best friend introduced me to it.  I had never tried Bikram yoga before, or any form of hot yoga for that matter, but I was immediately intrigued.  And quite frankly, I am not aware of another studio that offers Bikram. And if there is, I challenge their room to be as HOT as Thavma’s in Sarasota!!!  

4. What was your first Yoga experience at Thavma Premium Hot Yoga like?

I was immediately surprised at how challenging it is.  And when I say ‘challenging’, I don’t just mean physically.  The challenge is as much mental as it is physical, which for some people can correlate to higher rewards.  I am certainly one of those people.

5. What makes you come back?

The heat starves me of my distractions and helps to feed my focus.  It alerts my body and my mind while altering my state of being…which allows me to become more aware of the deeper layers of my soul.  And I enjoy that psychological challenge, especially all while getting an incredible PHYSICAL workout while also reaping incredible physiological benefits (i.e. detoxification, improved circulation, lymphatic system reboot, and of course, improved flexibility!!!).

6. How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing for approximately 17 months.  Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?!?!

7. What changes have you seen since you began the practice?

Thavma has undoubtedly helped improve my flexibility.  After all, that is REALLY why I agreed to try yoga in the first place – to ‘fix’ my underlying problem and tight muscles.  However, the byproducts of Thavma have extended far beyond my improved flexibility. I am a much stronger person today than I was 17 months ago – physically…mentally…emotionally.  And, yes, I do attribute most of this to yoga…specifically to Thavma.

8. What is your favorite pose?

I love the compressions!  I really like the ‘Rabbit Pose’…and I’m not just saying that because Easter is coming up!  I’m saying that because I can honestly feel things happening within my body when doing ‘Rabbit’…it’s almost as if I can immediately feel the benefits before they are truly recognized.  So in that regard, I also like ‘Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose’ – both compressions and both very challenging but very rewarding.

9. What is your least favorite pose?

This is a tricky question and probably a little ambiguous.  When most people think of their least favorite pose, they probably immediately think of the most difficult pose [for them], because that’s inherently usually their least favorite.  So for me, the most ‘DIFFICULT’ pose is…[don’t laugh]…it’s ‘Savasana’ or ‘Corpse Pose’. For me, I have a very difficult time relaxing my mind while remaining conscious. I have fallen asleep during Savasana…which is not the point.  The point is to relax the mind while keeping the body conscious and alert, but at ease. This to me is very difficult. Which, if I can master, I TRULY believe this will help my underlying problem I keep mentioning – tight muscles (including my brain ;)).  And although Savasana is practiced in nearly, if not, ALL of the styles of yoga, I think it is most challenging in Bikram or HOT yoga. But my ‘LEAST FAVORITE’ pose is ‘Camel’.

10. Where have you seen that yoga helps you in your day to day life?

With the improved flexibility and all of the other physiological benefits, Thavma yoga has helped me live a day-to-day life that is far more pain-free than it was before I started.  I am more mindful, more present, more aware….and I am less anxious. All of this translates to a much healthier and happier LIFE.  

11. What do you like most about Thavma Premium Hot Yoga Sarasota?

I’ve clearly already explained why I like yoga and what I have gotten out of it over the course of the last 17 months or so, but there is something that really separates Thavma Premium Hot Yoga Sarasota from anywhere I’ve experienced personally, or from anywhere others I know have experienced.  And that is the sense of “family” amongst the Thavma studio and its practitioners or ‘Yogis’! From the moment I walked in my first time, I was immediately welcomed into the Thavma ‘family’…and each and every day our family gets stronger and bigger. I welcome – and challenge – anyone reading this to come try it out and join the Thavma family!