Had you practiced yoga before coming to Thavma Bikram Yoga?

Yes, only a handful of times; 3 years ago before I tore my ACL.

If so, What other Styles of Yoga had you practiced?


What made you decide to do Thavma’s  30 Day Challenge?

The thought of “why not?”

What did you want to accomplish from your 30 Day Challenge??

The commitment aspect of the challenge.  Plus bikini season was upon us so I had to get beach ready.

Did you achieve your goal?


What changes did you see during and after your 30 days of Thavma Bikram yoga?

I saw my practice improve and my body change. I also was making better meal choices aka not eating Chick-fil-A.

What did you learn/gain from doing Bikram yoga regularly?

he more you practice, the harder it gets. That relates to both mental and physical aspects. You start to improve on the postures and in turn the practice becomes harder.

What did you love most from doing the Challenge?

The endorphin high and the friends you make along the way from being at the studio so much.

What’s your favorite posture?

Shavasana, obvi

What do you think about our Studio?

The studio was a huge reason why I became a member. It’s not only beautiful, but clean and has showers.

What do you love most about Thavma yoga as a Studio?