1. We had both tried Bikram Yoga before in Las Vegas, but only a handful of times.  We have never practiced any other kind of yoga.
  2. We decided to do the ThaVma 30 day challenge to better our practice and challenge ourselves.
  3. We were very motivated to complete the challenge.  It isn’t called a challenge for nothing!  We both hoped to gain flexibility and growth in our postures.  Our goals were exceeded! After the challenge we are both so much stronger in our yoga practice.
  4. During the challenge we could feel increased strength and stamina during classes.  After the challenge, we continue to feel strong and empowered.
  5. Practicing Bikram Yoga regularly at ThaVma has been a spiritual journey for us both.  With the help of all the amazing instructors and the love that flows through the studio, it is a place of motivation and determination.  We are stronger individuals in our Minds, Bodies and Souls.
  6. We loved FINISHING the CHALLENGE J  We also loved getting the continuous support from everyone and seeing friendly motivating faces nearly everyday!
  7. Michelle – My favorite posture is Camel.  4 months ago I wasn’t even able to put my head back.  Now I am able to do a beautiful Camel and hope to be in full kapotasana within a couple months.
  8. Dane – My favorite posture is Warrior.  I always feel strong when I am in the Warrior posture.  I also love Standing Separate Head to Knee pose.  This is a meditative posture for me.   When I come out of it and I feel the sweat rushing down my face, I know I did it right!
  9. The ThaVma studio and Marina Bourantonis are the reasons we are so dedicated to our yoga practice.  The studio is amazing and filled with positive energy and love.  The classes that are offered are vast and we love the RED and BLACK ThaVma classes.  These classes are so challenging, but make such a difference in your body and help with the Bikram postures.  The studio is so clean, always smelling amazing and looking perfect.  We are so happy we found the ThaVma studio and we look forward to our continued practice and