Student of the Month



 Bo Bischoff

 I always get so elated when I see Mothers and Fathers bringing in their children to my Yoga classes . Beginning Yoga at such a young age instills such a great base of positive connection to themselves, self-awareness and empowerment! While teaching them to be calm and centered! Therefore when Laura Bischoff- Warfield came in the next day after her first class at Thavma Yoga with 11 year old Bo, you can imagine my excitement , even more so when I saw what this little tenacious gymnast with a heart of Gold and a smile that radiates the whole room can do!!

  I chose Bo for Thavma Yoga’s FIRST Student of the Month because we can all take a lesson from her, her resilience even when she is knocked down is uncanny!!

During one of the many talks we would have together she told me about her weakness in gymnastic is the Vault,(all gymnasts have their strength and weakness in one area just like us Yogis do).

During her State Competition on the Vault she had some unfortunate luck and she fell on her face during her routine. That is something that would scare us all away from getting back on the Vault! Instead of giving up, creating a fear in her and avoiding the Vault all together, She came to me after State and said “oh no I’m going to do it perfect during my next practice”.

THAT’S what she did, she came back a couple days later with the Video of her during practice, showing me that not only did she NOT give up, she did it and FLAWLESSLY!!!! 😉

 Bo can be an inspiration to us all!!

Here is what Laura Bischoff-Warfield and Bo Bischoff have to say!!

From Laura:

Bo is second of five. Four sisters and one brother.  We moved to Florida from Delaware in September.  Bo is a level 8 gymnast and trains at Lakewood ranch gymnastics. She just won a Florida state gymnastics title also qualifying to compete at regional’s (8 states) on the 27th of April.  Bo is a member of the Tops national team one of 15 ten year olds in the USA out of 4000 who tested for it, a program sponsored by the national Olympic training center to support young talent.  Beyond gymnastics Bo is very passionate about theater, art, and her dogs. if asked what she wants to be when she grows up she will most likely reply Glenda from the Broadway play wicked.  Her nickname is Tink because she looks just like tinker bell.  Her favorite food is her dads breakfast sandwiches. And when she is just hanging out she is usual found watching food network ANYTHING on food network.  Her (not so) secret crush is Adam Lambert.  


Thank you for all you are doing already for our family we are blessed.



Bo Bischoff

Why did you want to try Bikram yoga?

well really my mom put me in it at first but then i loved it  almost right away. i thought it would be easy and for old people  its not!

What changes have you seen since you practice?

my skin feels lots better it used to be dry and itchy.  i am learning to balance better and it helps me remember to take very big breaths when I am feeling nervous. my ankle is getting better without medicine and my neck shoulders are not as tight. Sometimes i have to remember to just concentrate.

How did you feel after your first class?

good it was lots of fun and sort of hard too.  i felt really loose and even my back was relaxed. 

Where have you seen that it helps you?

well its funny because everyone thinks i am super flexible but now i understand that not everywhere.  i have very tight hamstrings and behind my knees. also when i flex my feet.  i know that already i am getting better ankles and they don’t hurt as much as the did. i am learning to balance using my toes and not the sides of my feet.  I am also learning to balance for longer times because I use my body better. mom says it will make my back and bones safer too.

What is your favorite posture?

 tree pose and bow pose.

What is your least favorite pose?

the head to knee pose and the Japanese ham sandwich.

What do you like most about Thavma Bikram Yoga?

Ms Marinas meditations and also doing it with my mom and big sister Baera.  

it is really cool too that everyone is so nice to me and happy for me.