1.Tell us a little about yourself ? 


As a former athlete who had sustained several severe injuries in my early twenties, I noticed the pain was continually degenerating to a point that it was greatly affecting my physical lifestyle.  I’ve always been an outdoor adventurer and realized if I didn’t improve my situation, I would be limiting my ability to explore all life has to offer.  This lead me to researching healthy diets on-line that were geared towards reducing the body’s inflammatory properties.  At age 31, I received a surgical procedure know as a Laminectomy for Micro-Discectomy (ie.major back surgery).  Thankfully, the procedure was a huge success, but the inflammatory nature of the injury still provided for a constant and continual pain.  So, while researching these diets on-line, I came across advertising for hot yoga.  I started practicing Bikram Yoga with the aim to improve core strength and flexibility hoping to reduce the paid I was experiencing.     


2. Have you done other styles of Yoga other than Bikram Yoga? 

Yes, I’ve tried many of the different styles of flow yoga.  I would rate my experience towards improvement in all my targeted areas in the following order of preference.  #1-Thavma Yoga, #2Bikram Yoga and #3Baptiste Vinyasa 

3.What made you decide to take your First Bikram Class? 

I had a friend that recommended I try Bikram when I was researching which hot yoga classes to attend. 


4.Why did you choose Thavma Bikram Yoga? 

I met the incredible “Rock Star” instructor of Thavma Yoga Studio, Marina Bourantonis, while attending Bikram glasses at another location.  She soon became my favorite instructor and even better friend.  So when she opened her own location, it was an obvious choice to switch studios.  Not to mention, the location was closer to my house and the atmosphere is far superior to the other location. 


 5.What was your first Bikram Yoga experience like? 

I thought wow, all these beautiful women barely dressed and me in one small room.  Then the class started and all you could do was try to survive and breath, not caring what you looked like or who was next to you.  Really brings you down to a equal humbling level, one of respect and appreciation. 

6.What makes you come back? 

The benefits for me are numerous.  It helps control my pain, strengthens my core, improves work related stress and overall makes me feel great.  The added benefit is the extraordinary people who come to the Thavma classes.  Such a great collection of individuals who make the overall experience of Thavma Yoga more of a family type atmosphere.  I feel at home when I am there. 

7.How long have you been practicing? 

I have been practicing on and off for 5 years now.  However, since Marina opened Thavma, I have been coming three to four times a week since its inception. 

8.What changes have you seen since you began the practice? 

I am stronger, experience less pain in my back, sleep better, more focused at work, able to remain calm in almost any situation and have greatly improved my flexibility. 

9.Where have you seen that it helps you? 


Bikram, as well as Thavma Yoga, force you to adjust your lifestyle and habits.  I find that if you do it regularly it forces you to eat healthy, get the proper amount of sleep, minimize alcohol consumption and drink lots of fluids.  “”WATER””  All of these things have a position reflection on your life. 

10.What is your favorite posture? 

In Bikram, I would say my favorite postures are Tadasona – tree pose and/or Supta-Vajrasana -fixed firm pose.  In Thavma, it is definitely Chaturanga into up-word dog.  I just like saying Chaturanga!!! 

11.What is your least favorite pose? 

I don’t have one, they are all so truly beneficial I have nothing but positive thoughts on all of them.  I feel the most pain while in sitting head to knee posture, but I guess that means I need that pose most of all….   
12. What do you like most about Thavma Bikram Yoga? 

Marina and Thanos are my two favorite things when I think of Thavma Yoga.  I additionally appreciate the other excellent instructors that have been assembled.  I have practiced Bikram at many other studios across the country, and Thavma instructors are by far the best assembled group.  The atmosphere designed and created at the studio are also second to none.  The air is clean, the humidity is perfect, the ambiance is just right and the locker room facilities are awesome.  If you want to feel physically and mentally great in a comfortable atmosphere, Thavma Yoga is the perfect place to begin your journey.