Tell us a little about yourself ?
I was born and raised in Cambodia and came to the United States in 1995. I am married and have a 12 year old son. I am a co-owner of Jules Touch Hair Salon in San Marco Plaza in Bradenton. Hair is my passion and I am also passionate about cooking healthy

Have you done other styles of Yoga other then Bikram Yoga?
I had done 4 regular classes about 4 years ago.

What made you decide to take your First Bikram Class?
My clients told me how Bikram class helped their back problems tight hips and leg and so on… and since I have sever problems in my shoulders because of my work,i decide to try.

Why did you choose Thavma Bikram Yoga?
There were allot of reasons that I chose the Thavma studio. First, it is very clean, Secondly, the instructors are very knowledgeable and lastly the location is very convenient.

What was your first Bikram Yoga experience like?
It was a bit challenging for me because I had not exercised for a long time and had no balance or flexibility. I had to lay down for half of the first class that I took.

What makes you come back?
After the first class, I realized my body was so broken because of my job. I love my job so much but knew I had to do something for myself. Marina told me that yoga would help me a lot in many ways and I believed in her.

How long have you been practicing?
I have been practicing since June 1, 2014

What changes have you seen since you began the practice?
The first thing I noticed was the difference it made in my legs. They are firmer, stronger and tone. Secondly, my posture is better, my shoulders are stronger and I have less pain in my shoulders and joints.

What is your favorite posture?
Each class is a journey for me. I want to try my best in each pose but also enjoy them. There is no end goal in yoga. I love the Floor Bow Pose because it reverses my shoulders.

What is your least favorite pose?
Camel pose used to be uncomfortable and make me nauseous so I was scared to keep trying it. I would not do it for a long time then one day I decided to try it again (only about 2 weeks ago). Now I love it!

What do you like most about Thavma bikram yoga?
Thavma Bikram Yoga studio is such a healing and safe place. Each time I finish a class I feel so good. Marina and all the other instructors are very nice and knowledgeable.