“You must take care of it because it’s the only place you have to live!”


Any type of athlete from weekend warriors to sports professionals should be participating in a regular yoga practice.  I sometimes have students come to me and say, “I’d like to come more, but I can’t find time for yoga in between my kick boxing, Crossfit, Orange Theory, Cycle Bar, running, etc.”  Often these students come back to me months later in pain, looking for healing and unable to participate in the workouts they love.  If only they would have supplemented their workouts with a consistent yoga practice, they would have stretched tight muscles, encouraged tissue resiliency and likely have avoided injury.  Not only that, they would have gained power, flexibility and focus that would have assisted their other chosen workouts or sports.

While yoga is offered at most fitness clubs and recreation centers, not all yoga is the same.  Many yoga instructors are only educationally trained to teach a one size fits all yoga sequence which often does not target the specific muscle and joint groups that so easily become unbalanced and at risk for injury due to particular repetitive sports movements.

I started the Phoenix method recognizing the need for a class for  these athletes. Combining  my extensive knowledge and advanced training in instructing postural practices while using functional anatomy, led me to create  The Phoenix Method.  This class will repair, restore, and rebuild your body.  It will allow you to rehabilitate any injuries, bringing your body back to its peak performance while making you less susceptible to future injury.

The Phoenix Method  will be held in a warm room,  postures are going to be held for longer periods, in order to allow the body to release.  There will be use of props to modify the postures to your body’s ability and to ensure proper alignment.

The Phoenix Method, Yoga classes will be held in the ThaVma studio every Sunday at 11:30am.

Come and see what your temple is capable of when you unravel the knots from continuous wear and tear while building strength, endurance, and stability of both the body and the mind.

Please contact me for more information.

Marina Bourantonis