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Welcome to Thavma Wellness, where passion meets regeneration! Our owner, Marina Bourantonis, has always been a true advocate of regenerative medicine, incorporating these modalities into her own wellness journey. Now, Thavma brings you the future of well-being with our rejuvenating services, including ice baths, red light therapy, and IV treatments. Experience the power of renewal with Thavma Yoga.

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Embark on a journey to rejuvenate your well-being!

At Thavma Yoga and Wellness, we're thrilled to introduce the incredible benefits of regenerative wellness through our latest additions: Ice Baths & Red-Light Therapies. Our innovative therapies can help you slow down the aging process, accelerate injury rehabilitation, and ignite your fitness goals. Experience the transformative power of these regenerative treatments at Thavma Yoga and Wellness. It's time to rediscover a healthier, more vibrant you!

Thavma Wellness:

At Thavma, we've harnessed the transformative power of cold exposure and seamlessly integrated it into our comprehensive range of wellness offerings. Our invigorating ice baths, complemented by our hot and warm yoga classes, as well as an array of rejuvenating services, offer a well-rounded approach to enhancing your health and well-being.

Ready to Cold Plunge?


What is Thavma Cold Plunge?:

Thavma’s ice bath is a revitalizing experience that involves subjecting your body to a specially designed tub, chilled to temperatures ranging from 48-54°F (around 9-12°C). During this invigorating dip, you’ll practice deep breathing techniques, creating a synergy of cold therapy and controlled respiration.

Experience the extraordinary Thavma cold plunge and unlock a world of wellness benefits. Dive in and discover the magic of cold therapy at Thavma Yoga!”

This unique combination not only enhances the effectiveness of the cold plunge but also promotes mindfulness and relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated inside and out.

Cold Exposure Benefits: Cold exposure, including invigorating ice baths, offers a plethora of advantages:

Decreased Muscle Soreness: Ice baths work their magic by constricting blood vessels, effectively flushing out waste products, including pesky lactic acid, which means less muscle soreness post-workout.

Boosted Metabolism: When exposed to cold, your body ramps up its metabolism to generate heat, helping you burn more calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Improved Mood: Cold exposure triggers the release of adrenaline and epinephrine, leading to a surge in dopamine, the feel-good hormone. It’s like a natural mood enhancer!

Anti-Aging Marvel: Cold exposure reduces artery calcium buildup and releases vesicles that combat senescent cells, the culprits behind aging.




Ulock Ageless Vitality and Peak Recovery!


What is Red Light Therapy?

Revitalize with Red Light Therapy at Thavma Yoga: Unlocking the Power of Mitochondria

Your  body generates the energy it needs to thrive with mitochondria, the cellular powerhouses that produce chemical energy known as ATP. However, as we age, our mitochondria become less efficient, leading to a decline in energy production.

Enter AMPK, the control system that can be activated through exercise and fasting. When you’re in a perpetual state of sugar and glucose abundance, your body assumes there’s no need to activate AMPK.

But here’s where Red Light Therapy shines!

Red light therapy disrupts the normal electron flow within mitochondria, creating a temporary low-energy state in the body. This low-energy state triggers the AMPK system, which in turn offers various health benefits. It’s like giving your mitochondria a wake-up call!

What can Red Light Therapy help with?:

✨ Eczema

✨ Hair loss

✨ Mild to moderate acne

✨ Psoriasis

✨ Actinic keratosis (precancerous skin spots)

✨ Rosacea

✨ Sun damage

✨ Wounds

✨ Wrinkles

But remember, consistency is key. Regular Red Light Therapy sessions are essential for noticeable improvements in your skin. In-office treatments are more potent than at-home devices, delivering more effective results.

How long until you see results? It varies. A series of sessions is required, typically one per week for about a month, followed by maintenance sessions.

Who should avoid Red Light Therapy? It may not be suitable for individuals

Taking medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight

With a history of certain conditions like skin cancer and inherited eye diseases

Experience the science-backed benefits of Red Light Therapy at Thavma Yoga and elevate your well-being.

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