Many wonder why we practice yoga in the heat (safe heat that is)….here is why (PART 1).

Let’s examine why we practice in the heat (safely). The heat creates an exhilarating, detoxifying sweat that helps to flush toxins from your blood and metabolic waste from your muscles.

Blood flow is increased and fresh oxygen is delivered to the muscles, joints, organs and glands.

For those of you interested in the more complex scientific reasons why the amount of heat or higher temperatures is beneficial, we recommend the following articles:

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In more simple terms, practicing in the heat can prevent and heal injuries by softening the collagen around the joints, strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system, speeding up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, rejuvenating the skin, and flushing inflammatory free radicals from the body.

However, it’s not just the body that benefits from the heat. The mind is also largely at play when practicing yoga in such a challenging environment. Learning to control your thoughts and your mind, working on being present and content, all while practicing in the challenge of the heated environment helps you learn to be fully present and content amidst the continually challenging conditions in life.

Will-power, self control, concentration and determination all become stronger in this challenging environment.

Understanding the benefits of heat stress and therefore choosing to practicing yoga in a heated room, it is now important to choose the proper form of heating for your hot yoga practice.

Recently, we have received several questions from students which have led to discussions regarding whether the type of heating used at ThaVma is safe. The fact of the matter is ThaVma specifically chose the form of heating installed at both the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch locations after much in depth research, specifically because we believe it is the safest and healthiest form of heat.

Watch for our next post which will explain in more detail the ThaVma heating system as well as why it is the preferred heat method for your healthy yoga practice.