Yoga has always been a consistent force in Marina's (owner) life. She began practicing as a young girl and found yoga was the light that would guide her through life. She pursued extensive yoga training leading her to create a yoga practice with a foundation to minimize and heal injuries. With proper biomechanics, she developed two different yoga methods focused on functional strength and flexibility. Her life's mission and purpose creating healing mentally and physically are demonstrated in each of her studios.

Namaste, Marina

Our Approach

When evaluating a student Marina is able to see the whole posture. She is able to see roots and extensions, and with her understanding of biomechanics, she is able to deconstruct basic movement in order to evaluate muscle weaknesses, pain patterns, and injuries. She takes this information into her teacher trainings, and she trains her teachers to see the yoga postures with more refined eyes, and to see the whole person. She also trains her teachers to see where the student is over working, or not working hard enough.

Then she rains them to investigate the asana from all levels. She also instructs her teachers to guide our members and students to lift out of their joints and distribute their weight and balance throughout the whole body, instead of falsely deepening the posture, and causing misalignments and sinking into their joints. She has taught her students and her teachers that we are trying to find the perfect asana by finding the area of least stress on our joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Finding Strength

It’s important to realize, when going into the depths of certain poses, that teaching in the dogmatic approach may be fine, unless there are no orthopedic issues or pain triggers (like radiating neural tightness) or back pain. But, if there is an orthopedic issue, a pain trigger, neural tightness, or back pain, then we need to modify and move away from that pain trigger, and we need to build the athletic component that is missing in order to make the person engage the proper muscles and make them function properly. Many yoga teachers don’t have the knowledge of biomechanics, or know how to use the proper techniques in order to create the necessary spinal stability and build muscle strength.



Marina likes to use yoga to condition the mind to pay attention to what muscle it is using, and to focus on engaging the stabilizing muscles rather than collapsing into joints. As a studio, one of our philosophies is to use the concept of active stretching in order to create circulation in a specific area, while rejuvenating the tissues that become so fatigued from living in this sea of gravity that our bodies are fighting all day long. It may appear, as a practitioner that you are going backwards if our teachers correct you. Look at it this way; we are strengthening the foundation so you can get to the advanced variation properly.